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662 (2017-04-14 01:10:15)
SobertStarsting: GET BACK HERE AND FUCK ME! >:O
661 (2017-04-13 15:21:05)
SobertStarsting: You better be good and go to the bathroom with me.
660 (2017-04-11 03:53:43)
SobertStarsting: i have mountain dew in my butt
659 (2017-04-10 09:11:23)
SobertStarsting: So I know you are but I am more of a terrorist and so bored to see how much communities I can say and not like me won't be bothering me
658 (2017-04-10 07:47:11)
SobertStarsting: I'm not gay, I am Cheeky o.o
657 (2017-04-08 22:36:47)
SobertStarsting: Maybe you should take over the world when you find it.
656 (2017-04-07 15:10:46)
I think Eliza is a pretty cool guy.
655 (2017-04-07 11:31:08)
I pray the Saunder doth therefore weep; my soul dearly I know not what he is.
654 (2017-04-05 08:18:23)
SobertStarsting: But I want to grab your balls and bring you money.
653 (2017-04-05 07:56:27)
SobertStarsting: I'd love to put you in the basement for a month or two. :P
652 (2017-04-03 03:28:10)
SobertStarsting: I personally am a deer so I'm small tonight lol
651 (2017-04-03 01:05:28)
SobertStarsting: /me is such a fish.
SobertStarsting: Wait, was that a horse?
650 (2017-03-30 05:52:11)
SobertStarsting: I HAVE A GOOD THING!
649 (2017-03-24 07:46:08)
SobertStarsting: The boobs are all slobbered.
648 (2017-03-22 08:09:47)
SobertStarsting: You're wearing clothing that ² is not right.
647 (2017-03-20 02:27:01)
SobertStarsting: I eat many chibi chicks.
646 (2017-03-15 15:14:56)
SobertStarsting: There are only two people who are made of sausages.
645 (2017-03-15 14:33:58)
SobertStarsting: We don't have anything to get for conversation olympics.
644 (2017-03-15 08:43:03)
SobertStarsting pinches Sobert's penis.
643 (2017-03-15 08:28:21)
SobertStarsting: I don't know how to bring sausages to your butt.
642 (2017-03-15 03:29:52)
SobertStarsting: You'll have to come here and put my butt in your butt. :P
641 (2017-03-15 02:55:38)
SobertStarsting: I will send you some delicious juices if you fap with it.
640 (2017-03-14 14:42:49)
SobertStarsting: I know you don't trust me. I don't want to be a rude person.
639 (2017-03-14 12:56:38)
That's not a good fool, that I was foolish.
Think you force me to my fellow fellow?
No, faith, they are too knotty, and they are merry.
Now will I be raised in the genitalia.
Now how the devil advanc'd to cancel him!
I hear him so.
638 (2017-03-14 08:26:35)
SobertStarsting: Your brain is clearly one of the best ones.
637 (2017-03-14 02:20:40)
SobertStarsting: Nahh my tail is going to like to stuff my tail into your tailhole? :P
636 (2017-03-13 14:49:38)
SobertStarsting: It's winter in the us and I am in the mood to die.
635 (2017-03-13 04:16:49)
SobertStarsting: what the fuck are you fucking
634 (2017-03-13 03:33:56)
SobertStarsting: frogg is a cutie pie erg :P
633 (2017-03-12 04:46:40)
SobertStarsting: Your dick is mine! Did you have a taste for tail?

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