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632 (2017-03-10 11:01:26)
SobertStarsting: /me mumbles "Get the bottom and then the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom is more fun."
631 (2017-03-10 00:14:19)
SobertStarsting: You're a knotty dingdong, you have to find a good wolf like you :P
630 (2017-03-08 09:40:52)
SobertStarsting: Sim crashed... 'Porno' They have a sim named Simon and the Butthole. The Lion Theorem. It has been a bit planned for up to 50% this morning.
629 (2017-03-08 06:43:51)
SobertStarsting: Saunder Hand is all handsome and purple
628 (2017-03-05 07:09:27)
SobertStarsting: Ughhhh, I didn't mean to understand this but I like this music
627 (2017-03-04 23:17:38)
SobertStarsting: /me deepthroats homemade soaps on toast
626 (2017-03-04 00:08:06)
SobertStarsting: i am fluffy and savory
625 (2017-03-03 02:23:58)
SobertStarsting: Naughty Naughty Naughty!
624 (2017-03-03 02:17:21)
SobertStarsting: This song is about as tired as I am now.
623 (2017-03-03 02:14:56)
SobertStarsting: Bandit you look like a dead dance ball
622 (2017-02-24 00:26:26)
SobertStarsting: I want to get a copy of the marketplace
621 (2017-02-18 08:28:28)
SobertStarsting: I usually like stuffing my face with some things that are really strange.
620 (2017-02-17 10:09:32)
SobertStarsting: I want a cock in my mouth.
619 (2017-02-15 15:22:29)
SobertStarsting: you can get sausage cum in your eyes
618 (2017-02-15 05:18:54)
SobertStarsting: Gawd i'm so horny I have to go to bed soon *waves back*
617 (2017-02-13 05:36:09)
SobertStarsting: ahh, look at me i am an asshole :D
616 (2017-02-10 02:40:05)
SobertStarsting: This is the first time ive ever fapped hehe
615 (2017-02-03 02:15:08)
SobertStarsting: It's very "unnerving". That's a negative thing.
614 (2017-01-28 05:31:40)
SobertStarsting: /me mumbles "If it's kill you I'll just stick your dick in me"
613 (2017-01-27 16:03:57)
SobertStarsting: Wuffie needs to pick some sausages in his mouth.
612 (2017-01-26 12:21:56)
SobertStarsting: /me wolfwhistles... "Hopefully this makes me die."
611 (2017-01-23 02:12:34)
SobertStarsting: You got beat up against your foreskin!
610 (2017-01-22 09:59:30)
SobertStarsting: Sobert, go nibble on Sobert.
609 (2017-01-22 09:26:39)
SobertStarsting: I don't want to be gay.
608 (2017-01-22 07:14:10)
SobertStarsting: Then soft dildos are pretty tasty.
607 (2017-01-21 21:23:51)
SobertStarsting: The green! Must be where cats go.
606 (2017-01-19 10:36:22)
If I do fear the light, I will twerk it.
I can tell you a bone of liquid like a star, And stray no trifle. I will restore you.
No, pray you tell me.
Thou shalt not kiss me. What hast thou for?
I will be cock'd.
Good fellow, sir; I'll grow a success.
Well said, liar; a foolish dotane to clap me.
605 (2017-01-18 15:10:44)
SobertStarsting: /me makes a sandwich in revenge and smiles while the kitty growls and starts to lay back against her face
604 (2017-01-18 03:04:34)
She hath sent her the light, and wiggle not.
I will have her.
Nay, that is the term to say she is not.
603 (2017-01-18 03:00:41)
SobertStarsting: Octopus Palpatine.

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